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chez gagne

Dew Me Facial Sheet Masks

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Maybe she's born with it...

Dew Me Facial Sheet Mask, Set of Three Moisturizing Facial Tissue Sheet Masks in each box. This eco-friendly sheet mask is the moisturizing boost you need ‘til you can drink more water and get some damn sleep. The highly concentrated Chrithmum Maritimum extract and phyto-nutrients hydrate and soothe your skin, giving you a lustrous and dewy glow your esthetician will be jealous of. Open this mask and dew it, babe.

  • Set of 3
  • Outer Box Size: 6 X 6.125
  • Inner Sachet Size: 4.72 X 5.7

MADE IN FRANCE — OUI! C’EST CHIC Clean AF: free from Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates Friendly AF: Cruelty Free, Vegan