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Fruits & Roots

GUATEMALA ANTIGUA Fresh Ground Coffee, 4oz

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Guatemala Antigua:

Roast Profile: A medium roasted coffee, with a well-balanced body. A very juicy coffee with a smooth medium to smooth acidity.

Origin: This crop is grown in Guatemala from the region of Antigua. The beans are a washed processes.

Taste: Juicy Red Grape, Granola, Carmel, Dark Chocolate

Notes from The Roaster: This is the sister coffee to our Guatemala Honey, which presents as a light roast. The first thing one notices about this coffee when cupping is just how juicy it feels. The note of red grape is sweet yet it doesn’t feel sugary.

It is a jack of all trades, coffee. Perfect to give as a gift or have on hand for company. This is one of Fruits & Roots most popular coffees, featured last year at both Bake Me Happy locations. It’s a very forgiving brew, if you’re just starting out, or don’t tend to weigh out your coffee by the gram this is a great coffee to try.