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Let's Fiesta Amigo Acrylic Stir Sticks Combo

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Take Your Beverages and Cocktails to the Next Level With the Stylish & Original Acrylic Stir Sticks! 
Wash Instructions:
* Hand Rinse With Warm Water or Light Soap & Warm Water
* Do Not Use in Dishwasher
* Do Not Use in Beverages That Exceed 195 Degrees
* Don’t Throw Us Away!  We Are Reusable!
* Sold in Sets of 4
* Each Stir Stick Is 6” Tall 
* BPA Free 
* Safe for All Beverages
* Handle With Care to Avoid Chipping & Scratching
* Acrylic Sticks Products Are Waterproof
* Keep Out of Reach of Children Under the Age of 10--if Broken Can Present a Choking Hazard if Swallowed