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Smoke Boards

Smoke Boards 7-Piece Cocktail Kit

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Elevate your at home cocktail experience when you infuse your drink with smoke! The process is simple - choose your flavor of wood chip and set a pinch on the board, light the chips on fire and capture the smoke in the smoking jar, add your cocktail to the smoking jar and shake to your desired level of smoke infusion, light the chips on fire and smoke the serving glass, add ice to the glass, pour the drink back into your smoking glass, enjoy a cocktail unlike any other you have ever made at home! 

Made in the United States, this 7-piece smoked cocktail kit allows you to make over 300 smoked cocktails!

What's included:

  • Oak smoke board
  • Apple chips
  • Cherry chips
  • Pecan chips
  • Culinary torch (with butane)
  • Smoke jar
  • Carrying case